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AM Branding is a full-service boutique creative and branding agency based in New Delhi, India. At AM Branding, we understand what it takes to tell the world the story of your brand in a way that is power-packed, inspiring, and effective. We build bold brands by offering the full suite of art direction, photography, styling, graphic design, social media management, web design and brand consulting.
We’re fiercely dedicated to creating clients collaborators who are unafraid of disrupting the status quo in a bid to build iconic brands that make a big impact. From start-ups that are just finding their feet to the big fellas, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all formula to success. Instead, our focus is on taking your brand to the next level with unforgettable, honest, BS-free, and exceptionally powerful brand identities. We do this by what feels right, but also with hardcore knowledge, strategy, and research to amp that instinct. And we’re extremely allergic to clutter, chaos, and clichés.
We work out of our creative den in India’s capital city that also houses a fully-equipped studio to help us bring to life all our mad-hatter ideas.


First off, we have a slightly (okay, extremely) cheesy disclosure. If you’ve been wondering why we are called AM, it’s because it fuses together the initials of the first name of its founders: Aviral and Mridul.
Mri Sawhney is the one who even as a toddler dreamt of using her exceptionally gifted sense of aesthetics for the good of the world. Armed with a Fashion Communication degree from NIFT Bangalore, she’s hustled her way to this dream – from freelance jobs around the world to starting off in the fashion world. From her first job as a brand consultant at JJ Valaya to managing a 10 year old business as the Creative Head at Nikasha to creating a visual tone today for almost over 15+ successful brands in the country & launching new talent in the market by creating a strong brand image for them, she is on a mission to refine India visually!
Aviral Rungta her partner in crime, life, and business is the logical half of the agency – the guy who brings in seven years of his experience in business & with a degree in Bachelors of Sciences in Aeronautical Engineering from Florida, to make sure that we get kickass people on board to work with, the bills are paid and the numbers crunched, and the accounts kinda add up (or he just squares them up). He’s the one to bring order to the creative chaos of big-idea endeavours, the voice of reason behind Mri’s creative madness.

Our Team

Meet our talented super heroes who help us execute all the magic! #SUPERNINJAS

Sharon jacob John

Studio Head a.k.a Captain

Rachna Kanojia

Graphic Designer a.k.a Silent Killer

Pooja Bhagat

Jr. Graphic Designer a.k.a The Angry Bird

Rohit Kalyane

Graphic Designer & Editor a.k.a Stressfree Chiller

Ashish Tandon

Graphic Designer & Editor a.k.a Sincere Newbie

Our Clients