What COVID-19 has taught us!

“Importance of being present in the moment”.

This pandemic surely is the worst experience worldwide for every single human being. It is also nature getting back at us for all the pain we put it through. Animals getting back to us for all the wrong man has done. If this doesn’t teach us we don’t know what will. This is the time to press the rest button & define rest of our lives. To protect our nature, to treat animals well, to protect our surroundings, to reduce greed, to increase compassion.


Quit the race

Where were we headed, why were we running so fast? Each one of us today is at a stand still. When such a calamity hits worldwide, it surely makes us introspect & run towards things that matter – Those things surely aren’t all the materialistic pleasures we worked so hard to buy! Basic necessities in life are food, water, shelter, love, safety & community. Why don’t we re-align our needs over wants and live the life we were meant to.


Health is the new fashion

While our economy thrives on retail, do we really need all that fashion? This is a very critical conversation one needs to have in today’s time. While our heart goes out for businesses & employees who are badly hit, this is a turning point for many sectors. Business will have to revisit their products, their approach towards marketing, their contribution in the community & many more variants that would define whether people should indulge in their offering or not. It will no longer be about buying, it will be about curating timeless goods.


See the world in a new light

Your life is a sum of all the daily experiences you go through, make sure moving ahead you treat time as your highest asset. Spend it so wisely that with every moment you give in, it adds to your life. Be it work or life at home, decide what needs your attention – Time is everything! Your existence should serve your community or surroundings before you serve yourself. This should be the new motto if we are all to survive. Ask yourself – What am i doing to improve quality of life around me?


The new normal

While this lockdown does impact psychological health, it is upto us to decide what we do with this lockdown! This has to be the easiest fighting tactic any war has even seen, where staying home is saving lives! Do your bit, India has announced a 21 day lockdown, that is the exact number of days human being takes to develop a new habit. Look out for the blessing in disguise – Choose how you want to embrace this opportunity. Create your new normal – A routine that is balanced out to satisfy your health emotionally, mentally & physically.


Stay in & stay safe! The world needs you to detox.

*Our prayers are with the families affected*

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